Ñɔɔzɩtʋ hɛkʋ taa tʋkaɣ

liens, remplacement d'un emprunt par le terme kabiyè
(corrected version of the proton structure image (see http://backreaction.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/get-your-protons-right.html ))
(liens, remplacement d'un emprunt par le terme kabiyè)
[[File:Proton quark structure.svg|thumb|Quark structure proton: The quark structure of the proton. There are two up quarks in it and one down quark. The strong force is mediated by gluons (wavey). The strong force has three types of charges, the so-called red, green and the blue. Note that the choice of green for the down quark is arbitrary; the "color charge" is thought of as circulating among the three quarks.]]
[[Pʋyʋ ñɩɩɩkɔtɩɩɩ|Pʋyʋ (atoom)kɔtɩɩ]] taa pe naayɩnaayɛ payaɣ se protɔɔ waa.
[[File:ProtonFiveQuarkStructure.svg|thumb|ProtonFiveQuarkStructure: Proton structure with both valence and virtual (sea) quarks based on latest research in vacuum structure and demonstrates a proton structure.]]
Protɔɔ waa ɖɔ sakɩyɛ atoompʋyʋ kɔtɩɩ taa. Protɔɔ waa nɛ [[netrɔɔ]] waa patamsɩna ɖama atoompʋyʋ kɔtɩɩ taa. Mbʋ payaɣ se hydrogène[[Hɩdrɔzɛnɩ|hidrɔzɛnɩ]] yɔ, pɩ-taa piye kpɛndɩyʋ taa piye kɛ protɔɔ yem. Protɔɔ waa pe iiciɣdiɣ pʋyʋ kɔtɩɩ taa.
Protɔɔ waa pe iiciɣdiɣ atoom taa.
Protɔɔ waa tɛkɛ wonuu yem ñɩŋʋ nakɩyʋ. Protɔɔ waa taa wɛ mbʋ payaɣ se quarks up nɛ quark down. Wondu tʋnɛ, tɩ-natʋlɛ tɩkpɛndɩna nɛ pɩkɛ mbʋ payaɣ se baryon yɔ. Pamaɣ protɔɔ waa ñʋʋ kɛ pʋyʋ kɔtɩɩ taa nɛ mayaɣ « z ».
Pamaɣ protɔɔ waa ñʋʋ kɛ atoom taa nɛ mayaɣ « z ».
[[File:Spinning proton.svg|thumb|Spinning proton: The proton with angular momentum P and magnetic momentum u.]]
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